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Welcome to Florida Bible College!

Give us a year, and we will give you a LIFE!

If you need direction in your life, an atmosphere of loving friendship and support...if you believe God loves you and has a really great design for your life . . . if you are excited with the possibilities of a life lived close to God, full of God’s blessings . . . if you want to build a great future, an amazing life . . . if you really want to accomplish great purposes, do BIG things . . . THEN Florida Bible College of Tampa is for you.


“ Dr. Ralph "Yankee" Arnold is committed to challenging young people to dedicate their lives to serve the Lord Jesus Christ, to learn God's word, and share it with others. I strongly support Dr. Arnold and those that share his vision.

Dave Adams Christian Educator

“ I was impressed by what I saw. Every thing was well organized, Excellent facilities, A great group of workers dedicated to the task. With the same goals and purpose as when we went to Florida Bible College, and dedication to a clear message. I like what I saw.

Wally Morillo Pastor

Our President Dr. Arnold

Dr. Yankee Arnold

I am praying for you. I firmly believe that Florida Bible College of Tampa will offer you the best training in Biblical studies and ministry skill. We will equip you to be a fruitful disciple, a soul-winner, blessed in this life, and with great reward in heaven.

Bibleline Institute

Bibleline Institute

Every believer has been given a ministry from God. Dr Arnold has said, “A man that is limited in knowledge is limited in ministry. Your ability to grow spiritually and influence others to do so is in direct proportion to your knowledge of God’s word. In 2 Timothy 2:15, Paul tells Timothy to study the scriptures for God’s approval and to be able tell the difference between truth and error. Bibleline Institute will deepen your knowledge of scripture and teach you how to apply that knowledge in your life."