Florida Bible College of Tampa

Course Descriptions
Biblical Studies
Liberal Arts
Practical Theology

The departments of English Bible, Biblical Languages, and Theology

The departments of Communication, Fine Arts & Music, and Social Science

The departments of Christian Education, Children's Ministries, Ministry Administration, Missions & Evangelism, Pastoral Ministry, and Youth Ministry

Course Numbering System

  • Courses numbered 100-199 are for Freshmen (first-year students)

  • Courses numbered 200-299 are for Sophomores (second-year students)

  • Courses numbered 300-399 are for Juniors (third-year students)

  • Courses numbered 400-499 are for Seniors (fourth-year students)

There may be variation from these general rules, as some courses are offered in alternate years only, and as some students might be academically qualified by prior preparation to attempt more difficult courses earlier in their FBC career.

Generally course numbers ending in an odd digit are offered in the Fall, and in an even digit, the Spring. Numbers ending in zero may be offered either semester.

Letter Symbols

The letters preceding the course numbers indicate the department offering the course:

Bible Languages BL
English Bible BI
Christian Education CE
Children’s Ministries CM
Communication CO
Fine Arts & Music FM
Ministry Administration MA
Missions and Evangelism ME
Pastoral Ministry PM
Social Science SO
Theology TH
Youth Ministry YM
Evening Institute EI

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